Sunday, March 6, 2011

baked today

I baked a cheese cake today.  That is a cake with cheese on it as one of the ingredients, not an actual cheesecake.  (the only time I attempted to bake a cheesecake... let's leave it at that).  I had some leftover creamcheese crusting buttercream frosting from another cake and I didn't want it to let it go to waste, specially when I realized it could be enough to crumb coat and cover an entire cake.  A small cake.

So, I decided to bake the recipe for bizcocho de queso (cheese cake) that my aunt sent me.  You can barely taste the cheese on it when you try it.  But it's very yummy.

So I crumb coated and then frosted the cake.  Let's just say my buttercream could use better technique, but I'm getting there.  I guess that's one reason why I prefer fondant to decorate, but eventually I'm pretty sure someone will tell me not to use it on a cake.  So I need to keep on practicing covering a cake with buttercream.

I'm not talking just covering the cake with the stuff and that's it.  I'm talking about frosting the cake and give it a smooth look, like a fake fondant type of thing.  It's not that easy.

When my grandma used to bake and decorate she would spent HOURS covering a cake in fondant with those little pistol things for frosting cakes. I could do that but nowadays most everybody want the smooth look. One of these days I'll get it.