Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baking mode soon

I am going to be on baking mode this Friday and Saturday as I have to make gazillions of quesitos for my sister-in-law and a friend who asked me to bake them some.  Quesitos is a Puerto Rican pastry roll made of puff pastry full of sweet cheese, something most Boricuas crave when they're out of the island.  I learned to make them and now every once in a while I bake them for my brother's family as well as selected friends.

The recipe on the link I added above is bit misleading because it takes longer than 10 minutes for the quesitos to bake.  I usually bake them 20/30 minutes, checking the oven after 20, because I personally like them golden, brown and delicious.

I'll make sure to post pics (if I remember to take pics).

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