Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Baby shower cake

Cake for a baby shower that I'm bringing today. One of the professors at our department is preggers and the wife of another is also expecting. Boy and girl, hence the color theme for both.  Hope they like it.

The botties are made out of gumpaste. The cake is covered in baby blue fondant with pink fondant accents. I still need to apply some clear glitter to make it shiny. It has baby bottles and teddy bears around.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

botties and turkey

Tried my hand at making baby booties out of gumpaste. They turned out really cute!  One of the teachers at the department is expecting a baby, and the wife of another is also pregers so we're throwing a double baby shower. I volunteered the cake.

And now my hands are killing me. I was trying to make two turkeys out of gumpaste but I guess I did my quota of kneading for today. The photo below is of the turkey I made the other night. I wanted to make two more.

I'm planning cakes for our department's luncheon, my family's gathering, and maybe one for Honors College (if they are planning something. So far I haven't heard anything).

I feel like a wimp...