Who is Arlene?

If you're here is because you want to know more about me.
Me, at NASA Space Center,  Jan 2012

I'm a 41 year old, disabled vet (US Army), who has always liked baking. I guess it comes from my grandmother, who was a great baker and cake decorator herself. Continuing the tradition? Maybe.

Like a lot of people I started by using cake mixes, but then remembered that my grandmother's cakes were awesome and made from scratch, so I asked for her recipe which she sent me (and it was a recipe for a HUGE cake, let me tell you).

I then started trying out other recipes until before I knew it I had a file of cakes from scratch recipes. The only thing missing was the decorating part. Until I started seeing Ace of Cakes and other cake shows and started to get busy. (getting tired of eating cake from Walmart at my niece's birthdays was another factor).

I discovered that I was getting good at it, so continue trying and I am still learning everyday on how to take an ordinary cake and make it extraordinary.  Some of earlier cakes were... interesting (meaning: horrendous). While others have been what I had in mind and then so more.

I am not a pro, I'm just a person who likes making pretty cakes. I don't own a bakery, or work in a bakery, nor I have ever been to one. I am self-taught and use what it works for me.

Please email me if you have any questions or are interested in knowing more about my cakes.

You can see most of my cakes here in my Facebook page or my Google +. You can also visit my website.

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